Mechanical Turnover Coordinator #74487

Company: TRS Staffing Solutions

Job Description

We are currently recruiting for a multiple Turnover Coordinators for site rotational positions in Ft. McMurray.

Overall Purpose of Job:

The Mechanical Turnover Coordinator is responsible in supporting the development of the turnover database (MCPlus) to link and track engineered tags to systems. This position will also be responsible to maintain system numbering to the applicable engineering drawings and QVDs. As well as guiding construction on priority tags to be completed for system turnover.

Primary Job Duties/Functions:

1. Verifying system scoping drawings for completeness.
2. Performing tag to system validation checks and ensuring the turnover database is kept current based on this validation.
3. Performing tag to quality record validation checks and ensuring the turnover database is kept current based on this validation.
4. Reviewing and updating the Master Document Register (MDR) to ensure engineering design documents are assigned to the correct systems.
5. Reviewing Management of Change documentation ( RFI's / FCN's ) and incorporating changes into the turnover database and MDR as applicable.
6. Updating and maintaining the turnover database and the master punch lists resulting from preliminary and final walkdowns.
7. Coordinating with construction all required priority tags and priority systems that are to be completed for final turnover throughout the Project.
8. Preparing system walkdown packages for preliminary and final walkdowns,
9. Scheduling, organizing, and leading preliminary and final walkdowns in the field.
10. Preparing system turnover packages that will include all the required documents presented in the system turnover procedure and required by the Client to accept the Care Custody and Control of a system.
11. Expediting construction and other departments for all required or missing documents that are to be included in the system turnover package.
12. Ensuring all deficiencies resulting from walkdowns are correctly categorized and entered into the turnover databse, and coordinating with construction on clearing all deficiencies in a timely manner to ensure mechanical completion. Deficiencies will also include any documentation deficiency required to be corrected.

Basic Job Requirements:

1. Five to ten (5-10) years of experience in oil and gas and similar.
2. Bachelor of Engineering/Engineering Tech or Equivalent technical project experience.
3. Five years or greater experience in the electrical and instrumentation disciplines, but also a good working knowledge of the mechanical/piping discipline.

Other Job Requirements:

1. Project site/field working conditions.
2. On-site project workspace of various conditions which may include temporary office facilities and exposure to moving, mechanical parts and vibration; hi precarious places, fumes or airborne particles; and various levels of outside weather.

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Good computer and software skills.
2. Good organization skills.

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