Rural and Suburban Mail Carrier #74717

Company: Canada Post

Job Description

The successful candidate will

• Project a positive and courteous manner when dealing with customers face-to-face
• Be adept at sorting, collecting and delivering mail items, in a safe and timely manner
• Provide a qualified replacement or helper to cover vacation/absences or extra hours (as required)
• Acquire and maintain knowledge of local infrastructure including roads, customers and delivery receptacles
• Ensure mail is safely secured in their possession
• Process various CPC products and services (Change of Address Notification, Damaged Mail, Items Delivered Bill (IDB) and others)
• Wear Canada Post identification while on delivery and ensure its visibility while delivering and collecting mail from customers
• Lift and carry items up to 50 lb/22.7 kg
• Have experience in making deliveries and operating a motor vehicle in all kinds of weather and traffic conditions

As part of the selection process selected candidates will be required to complete a security screening process

Notice to Applicants: In order for Canada Post Human Resources to invite applicants for interviews, please ensure Email Communication Consent preferences are set to allow emails. Consent may be found in the career profile. Applicants should check email junk/spam folders regularly as Canada Post communicates with applicants via email.

Our Leadership Behaviours and Corporate Values

Decision Making - A champion of the organization who takes calculated risks and makes prudent, common sense decisions about current issues, future opportunities and resource requirements in a timely, well thought out manner, that aligns with the corporation's best interests.
Accountability - An individual who strives for performance excellence and who holds him/herself and direct reports accountable for decisions and actions and for learning from mistakes when intended results are not achieved.
Business Orientation - A proactive individual who understands the competitive nature of the business, and is committed to sustaining the business through excellent customer service and new business opportunities.
Execution - A focused and self motivated individual who acts with a sense of urgency and delivers on time and within budget, by dealing effectively with challenges and ambiguous situations.
Leading People - A compelling communicator and leader who engages, motivates and inspires others to achieve results and who encourages personal growth and finding better ways of doing things.

Other information about this job:

Annual Pay
Minimum Actual Wages: $30,894.60
Maximum Actual Wages: $36,346.58
Annual Vehicle Expense: $4,355.91
Annual Variable Allowance: $5,993.98 (The time required to complete variables is not included in the weekly amount as noted above) –Variable allowances may include compensation for the annualized total of unaddressed admail Householder Sets (points per call), Personal Contact Items, and Lock changes.

Job Details:
Weekly working hours: Estimated to be 30-31 hours based on 5 days per week (not including time to complete variables)
Route length in Kms: 33.80 km
Points of call: 663

Mandatory Vehicle Requirements
• A minimum cargo capacity: 100 cu ft (2832 liters).
• A metal roof-top and accessory power outlet to accommodate a Canada Post sign and flashing light.
• Fifth door / hatchback to allow for oversized and bulky items to be loaded (preferred).
• Provide and maintain the required automobile liability insurance for the use of your vehicle
• Notify your insurance company as to the use of your vehicle while employed at Canada Post
• Have a satisfactory safe driving record
• Possess a valid permanent provincial driver’s license

For more information on vehicle requirements, click here

Canada Post offers

A total compensation package
• Competitive salary
• Vehicle allowance
• Dental, vision and hearing care coverage
• Defined benefit pension plan
• Three weeks annual paid vacation leave
• Seven days Personal leave

A strong community of employees
• Our employees drive innovation and ensure that our business continues to evolve to meet our customers' changing needs

The satisfaction of a job well done
• You'll be part of a winning team that touches the lives of millions

Careers that deliver

If you're ready to make a difference and discover your full potential, Canada Post delivers a variety of exciting and challenging career opportunities across the country. As one of Canada’s largest employers we’re committed to attracting, retaining and developing a winning team to meet the evolving needs of Canadians and secure our future.

Canada Post is committed to employment equity and encourages applications from women, Aboriginal people, persons with disabilities and visible minorities.

The Conflict of Interest Policy prohibits employees from hiring, supervising or reporting to, directly or indirectly via the reporting hierarchy, their immediate family or close personal relations. Should you feel that you may be in an actual or potential Conflict of Interest in regard to this job opportunity, you must communicate with the designated Human Resources representative.

If you are contacted by Canada Post regarding a job opportunity or testing, please advise if you require accommodation.

Important Messages

Your application must clearly demonstrate how you meet the requirements as Canada Post cannot make assumptions about your education and experience.

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