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Company: OTS

Job Description

The C&SU Operations Technician will report to the C&SU Operations Supervisors and will be responsible for CSU operations activities at the field level.


  1. The C&SU Operations Technician is responsible for the safe execution of pre-commissioning and commissioning activities in the field. This position has no direct reports.
  2. Responsible for ensuring adherence to established standards, practices and procedures.
  3. Drafting operating and commissioning procedures as required.
  4. Establishing systems and system acceptance criteria.
  5. Participating in system walk downs and punch listing to ensure installation is per design and reflects piping and instrument diagrams.
  6. Deficiency categorization.
  7. Participating in the pre-commissioning and commissioning activities in a safe and efficient manner.
  8. Issuing safe work permits.
  9. Gas testing.
  10. Participating in start-up activities according to the implementation plans, schedules and budget.


  • Fourth class Power Engineering certification or higher.
  • 3-5 years related experience;

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